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Artist Residency in China

Advance Art Museum’s A+Artist In Residence

Mission A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program sponsored by Advance Art Museum and 58 Town, aimed at through the linkage of art and the new economy, to establish the national and regional artists’ visits and academic exchanges, to further activate the regional contemporary art ecology. It encourages artists or art groups with independent artistic thinking and break through practice to conduct multiple collision of cultural blending in cities, explore and share artistic practices that meet the spirit of the times. During the residence, participants will have the opportunity to participate in city visits, studio opening presentations, academic discussions, salon lectures or related education communication activities, as well as the final exhibition display section. It bring participants with diverse and in-depth creative space and possibility.

OverviewApplication is eligible to artists, curators or groups with more than 3 years of experience in contemporary art creation or curation. There is no limit on the media.
Location: Changsha, China
Residency Period: April 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019
Number of Residents: 3
Eligibility: domestic and international artists
Application: please send application and personal information package to the email address provided by the Advance Art Museum
Language: English/Chinese

Application Requirements Apply online here:
or via email:
(1) To fill out 2019 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program official application form:
(2) One recent life photo, one media publicity photo, one copy of the electronic version of the identity card or passport;
(3) Resume, 10 images of representative works, including text interpretation (word format); Image data or media files please send the Internet link address;
After the above materials are prepared, please compress these files and send to the Advance Art Museum official email:, The naming format of the application mail: 2019 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program + artist name.

Facilities and Grants
Artist Residency provides:
1)Offering domestic city to changsha round trip transportation expense reimbursement, foreign city to changsha round trip transportation subsidy 2000RMB;
2)Offering subsidies 2000RMB for creative materials;
3)Offering accommodation, workshop, lunch and dinner (specific standards based on the organizer's offering);
4)Arranging corresponding personnel to assist in handling related affairs;
5)Advance Art Museum will hold the residence exhibitions for residence artists;
6)Selected artists will enter the artist database of Advance Art Museum, as a candidate artist for Chinese and overseas exhibitions, artists' residence and cooperation with art institutions;
7)Selected artists will have the opportunity to participate in city visiting, openly display their studio, academic discussions, salon lectures or related educational exchange activities, it can bringing artists with diverse and in-depth creative spaces and possibilities;
8)After the residence, the artist can choose to display his works in 58 Towns or not (if artists want to deal with their work on your own,they need to deal with all the relevant costs by themselves).

The residency is a non-profit program and the artists need to assume the cost of expenditures besides the above-mentioned things.

The artist should:
1) The artists who are selected should provide their own travel insurance.
2) After the residence program, the artist needs to participate in the residence exhibition, cooperating with the exhibition arrangement and the opening of the exhibition and some other related issues;
3) The organizer will select one of the Artist’s works during the artist's residence period as a collection;
4) The selected artists need to cooperate with the organizer about the related activities arranged during the residence period.

Application Deadlines