Think Tank


Artist Residency in China


MissionBasement6 functions as a collective of multiple disciplinary artists focused in experimentation and the social arts. Our mission is to provide a platform for upcoming and established artists to venture into new mediums and aim to bridge international and local communities.

Overview The objective of this residency is to host a (series of) workshop(s) for our collective and the public. These workshop sessions should focus on the aspect of experimentation and social arts. Ideally, the artist would have an exhibition at the final stages of the residency based on the workshop or incubation sessions.

Work can be collaborative, collective or individual. We focus primarily on installation, performance and new media. We prefer to have artists work outside their primary medium.

Application Requirements The residence should last 4-7 weeks. Applicants should explain why their project is executed in shanghai specifically. We want to know a bit about you as an artist and human. It would be great to understand your work process and what you hope to gain from your research with basement6.

Facilities and Grants
Basement6 is located underground in a sort of makeshift community center which hosts a record store, Uptown Records and screen printing studio, Idle Beats Print Club. Our space is about 80 square meters in the largest room and has two smaller rooms which can serve as working spaces. Again, we are underground, there are no windows or sunlight. But there is wifi and our collective has the resources to secure materials and supplies. We have an online platform that the artist is welcome to use. The living space affords a bright sunny reading and writing room.
Application Deadlines
Application is open all year round. Please indicate your choice of duration and preferred time period when apply.