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Artist Residency in the U.S.

Centrum Artist Residencies

Port Townsend, Washington
Centrum’s mission is to foster creative arts experiences that change lives. We exist to present, promote and honor: Traditional and evolving arts Programs for a diverse array of learners that focus on the intersection of the arts and creative education. Residencies that provide artists with precious time, space and inspiration to develop innovative work

Through inter-generational immersive workshops, we bring together aspiring and master artists to ignite creativity, find and provide mentorship, and build community. Our public performances celebrate our workshops and programs, welcoming audiences to share in those creative experiences.

Overview Centrum residencies are by application only and reviewed by a committee of Centrum staff and advisors. The committee looks for evidence of a commitment to a creative practice and the potential impact that a residency at Centrum might have. All disciplines and levels of artists are accepted.  Writers, visual artists, musicians, performers, dancers, theater groups, scholars, curators, arts professionals, and interdisciplinary thinkers are all encouraged to apply.

Application Requirements
Centrum Artist Residencies can be arranged in one to six week blocks between mid-August and mid-June. Groups or individuals can pay a flat weekly fee of $450 for a private cabin or apartment.
Online application:

Facilities and Grants 
Charming and semi-rustic cabins and apartments contain private bedrooms and shared kitchens. Each 2-3 bedroom unit has a living room/dining room space, a fully equipped kitchen, and full bathroom. Artists are housed according to availability and individual working habits, preferences and needs.

Free public Wi-Fi is available throughout the cabins and apartments, although it is low-speed and usually not strong enough for heavy streaming.  For access to better Wi-Fi, residents can visit the Fort Worden Commons where there is a public lounge.

Studio spaces are in separate buildings and come in several shapes and sizes. Some spaces have access to sinks and wall space. Currently there are no studio spaces with ventilation, so the use of oil or toxic materials is discouraged. The Program Manager will work with artists on a case-by-case basis to determine the best location for various projects and mediums.  Additional fees apply for studio spaces.  All technical equipment or supplies must be provided by the resident.

Centrum partners with Corvidae Press to provide a printmaking facility for those with previous printmaking experience. Corvidae is a cooperative-run printing studio and the studio is a shared space. If you are interested in using Corvidae, you must indicate this on your application to be considered.

Application Deadlines
Applications for August-December 2020 will open on November 5, 2019.