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China-Japan Cultural Connections (2016)

In October this year, with the support of the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs Bureau, BCAF launched the second phase of the “International Urban Culture Research” project: “China-Japan Cultural Connections,” inviting experts and scholars from various fields in China to experience contemporary Japanese culture and art through conducting a 10-day research tour. It is hoped that with the opportunity of the 45th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan in 2017, cooperation between the Chinese and Japanese governments and private institutions on public art exchange activities, international art festivals, large-scale design exhibitions, international artist exhibitions and residencies may be promoted.

Invited attendees included: Li Hong, Director of the National Public Culture Development Center of the Ministry of Culture, Ju Cunhua, Director of the Resource Construction Department of the Public Culture Development Center, Wang Yudong, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Gehua Culture Group and General Manager of Beijing International Design Week Co, Lin Cunzhen, Deputy Dean of the School of Design in CAFA and Artistic Director of the Olympic Art Research Center of CAFA, Yung Ho Chang and Lu Lijia, Founders of the architecture firm Atelier FCJZ, the curator, architecture and art critic Fang Zhenning, and Jia Dongting, Editor of Sanlian Life Weekly.

The project lasted for ten days and included visits to Tokyo, Naoshima, Nara, Yokohama and Niigata. Participants were able to visit the Japanese Culture Department, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo National Museum, Seto Inland International Art Festival, and Echigo's Land Art cultural institutions and festivals, learning about Japan's latest cultural policies and exploring new channels for Sino-Japanese folk culture exchange.

Through the “China-Japan Cultural Connections” research project, the exchange platform of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Art Project Department and the Ministry of Culture and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee were also established. The 2017 East Asian Cultural Capital and the China-Japan Friendship City were used as linking initiatives. During the Asian Art Festival, mutual visits and collaboration with the Japanese cultural exhibition institutions was reached, laying the foundation for the successful launch of the 2017 Sino-Japanese Public Art Exchange Project and the Cultural Think Tank Summit.