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China Philanthropy Movie Development Project (2017-2018)

Jointly initiated by BCAF, Youku Philanthropy, and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the plan is dedicated to discovering and supporting high-quality philanthropically themed films, providing a communication and promotion platform, advancing the dissemination of philanthropic culture concepts, and promoting the sustainability of the philanthropy industry.

Major work included soliciting worldwide outstanding philanthropy movie shooting plans and providing funding, technical, as well as communication support, and also establishing communications platforms for philanthropically themed films. Four public programs were successfully organized in 2017, including the screening of I Am Not A Hero, The Ivory Game Still Tomorrow,and China's Van Goghs.

Screening 01:Aefliction 
Oct 15th 2017

Location:Beijing Xihai Museum

Screening 02:Tomorrow Still
Nov 24th 2017
Location:Beijing Xihai Museum

Screening 03:The Ivory Game
Dec 16th 2017
Beijing Xihai Museum

Screening 04:China’s Van Goghs
Dec 29 2017
Location:Beijing Xihai Museum


Screening 05:Please Remeber Me
Mar 30 2018
Location:Beijing Broadway Cinema

Screening 06:El Sistema
May 5 2018
Location:Penghao Theatre, Beijing

Screening 07:Most likely to Succeed
June 3rd 2018
Location:Langyuan Vintage, Yushe Space

Screening 07 at Langyuan Vintage