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China Young Talent | Artist Residency in Laohegou Nature Reserve (2018)

Organizer: Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation, Laohegou Nature Reserve
Supporter: New York Art Foundation
Artist Consultant : Song Dong, Zeng Fanzhi, Zeng Li 
Media Partner: Art Spy

Jan 11 2018 - Feb 15 2018

In 2018, Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation and the Taohuayuan Ecological Protection Foundation jointly launched China's first international art residency program based on a nature reserve: "create co-existence @laohegou nature reserve in Sichuan”. The well-known artists Song Dong, Zeng Fanzhi and Zeng Li were invited as consultants.

   Photo by Ma Chenguang   ©Laohegou Nature Reserve

Aiming to discover and support the mission of young artists, BCAF international art residency plan for the conservation of nature and culture together invited young artists from all over the world to experience China's diverse nature, humanities, and live in the community and think about environmental issues related to art creation. For the artists, it provided a new platform for cultural collisions and social discussions, opportunities, creative expression, and produced a long-term contribution to the local community.

From left Xu Jun, Yu Tao, Cong Ming. Photo by Luo Xi

Oil on canvas Laohegou Series I

Laohegou, photography by Xu Jun

Shui Xiang, photography by Yu Tao.