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China Young Talent | POKE Project (2016)

In August, 2016, BCAF co-launched the “POKE Project” with several domestic and overseas leading literary institutions, including “Imaginist” Publishing House, NYU China House, International Writing Center for Critical Theory at Peking University, School of Foreign Languages at Peking University, International Writing Center at Beijing Normal University, and Creative Writing at Renmin University of China.

The project aims to support emerging writers under the age of 40 to publish their first book. Eligible projects include fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, and poetry. Twelve prominent Chinese writers were invited to be on the jury panel, including Yu Hua, Jin Yucheng, Ouyang Jianghe, and Liang Hong. The final results were announced in February 2017, and selected work from each genre was chosen for editing and publishing. The editing will be completed in early 2018 and then four works will be officially published.