Cultural Innovation

China Young Talent |“Unbounded” International Youth Art Exhibition (2016)

Organizer: Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation, New York EliteMap
Supporting organization:
UN China Book Club
July 1, 2016, 2 pm
Wanda Wharton China Center (16th Floor, West Building, World Financial Center, 1 East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China)

The concept of "Unbounded" originates from the notion of "art without borders.” In line with the purposes of the United Nations, “Unbounded" is not limited by  nationality, type, or subject matter, and promotes the exchange of world culture through art. Through creating works of art, young people express their observations and reflections on the current era. Art and aesthetics can reach across language and cultural borders, enhance intellectual exchange, promote understanding and friendship among the youth of China and the world, and open up discussions about the strengths of the humanist spirit under multiculturalism, while presenting the creative potential of the Chinese youth.

“Unbounded International Youth Art Exhibition” is a young and innovative art exhibition. New curatorial methods were used to combine the traditional art exhibition form with Internet media to realize the presentation of art both online and offline. In order to reach a broader public, BCAF cooperated with such platforms as LeTV live broadcast platform and Kuaishou platform to broadcast the exhibition activities live. Major satellite TV stations such as China Education Channel, Hong Kong TV, Ningxia Satellite TV, and Inner Mongolia Satellite TV also attended the opening interview.

Cui Qiao, the chairman of the organizer Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation, delivered a speech at the opening.

Cui Qiao, the chairman of the organizer Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation, delivered a speech at the opening. She applauded the artistic aspirations of the students, and also presented the award to the first prize winner, Zhai Yuedi. In addition, Ma Xinle, vice president of the Chinese Painting Academy, Yan Botong, founder of Unbounded International Youth Art Exhibition, co-founder of EliteMap in New York, Feng Feng, co-founder of Unbounded Alliance, and He YuPing, guest of the Wharton China Center of the University of Pennsylvania, attended the opening ceremony of this event and gave talks. It is hoped that through this exhibition, the concept of "unbounded" - art without borders- can be carried on by the next generation.

The preparations for "Unbounded" lasted for half a year. The organizing committee received nearly 400 applicants for the competition. Thousands of works were selected by the jury in a strict and fair manner, and the top three were finally selected. The first place prize was awarded to Zhai Yuedi from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the second place prize went to Chu Yushan from the Beijing Fourth Middle School International Campus, and the third place prize was awarded to Simone Zhao from Dulwich College Beijing. The awards were announced and presented at the Beijing preparatory exhibition, which aimed to provide the winning students and participants with an ideal platform for their work and ideas. The trust and interest of the youth in a world without borders has always been the driving force for us to move forward. At the UN exhibition in August 2016, the works of the students will be presented again for a broader audience. The interaction with foreign participating artists will also make the United Nations exhibitions extraordinary.

Mind Map ,water color  by Simone  Zhao. 

“殇” Shang, Liu Nian,Ink on paper. 

Broke, broze  print, Lao JIahui, 

Keep watch,ink on paper,Kang Yixiong. 

Mid-autumn,oil painting,Yao Gui.