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Chinese New Folk Craft | Dulong People Arts and Craft Aid Project (2015-Now)

At the beginning of 2017, the Naze Naze series was officially launched after three years of preparation. It was the first phase of BCAF’s Chinese New Folk Craft: Dulong People Arts and Craft Aid Project. From 2014 to 2015, several research projects were organized, and followed by a series of training programs and production in 2016.

BCAF invited Klee Klee which is an avant-garde clothing brand from ZUCZUG, Yunnan Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment, Yunnan Gongshan Country, and more than 20 Dulong female weavers to join in the project implementation. The first 207 Dulong blanket products were released to the public and were sold out in less than five months, each being both socially responsible and serving as the continuation of culture. In 2017, the project started its second phase of training and design.  

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