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Chinese New Folk Craft | Summerwood Revival Plan (2016-Now)

BCAF’s “Chinese New Folk Craft” collaborated with handmade fabric brand Summerwood. Launched by designer Yi Hongbo in 2013, Summerwood is committed to reviving the tradition of Liuyang Summer-cloth while imbuing it with qualities of modernity, independence, and dedication.

In March 2017, the “AONI & Summerwood” for Sino-Japanese Textile Exhibition sponsored by BCAF was held successfully at Suzuki Shop, following a series of public talks. In September, BCAF supported the development of new Summerwood products and jointly organized public welfare crowdfunding with Dongjia App. In particular, it launched a series of “oh-Wear for Tea” products including coasters, placemats, and tea sets.

Live broadcasting was also used to promote the project. In December, BCAF partnered with “Lu Han-Make a Wish” and conducted a series of benefit auctions through IWeicang, providing more people the opportunity to use summer-cloth products in their daily life.

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