Cultural Exchange

Creative China Festival 2017
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Film | New Noir:Chinese Crime Films (2017)

“New Noir: Chinese Crime Films” presented six hard-hitting films directed by Chinese filmmakers who redefined the crime genre in China. The film series included “The Conformist” by Cai Shangjun, “The Dead and End” by Cao Baoping, “Lethal Hostage” by Cheng Er, “The Coffin in The Mountain” by Xin Yukun, “Black Coal, Thin Ice” by Diao Yinan, and “Free and Easy” by Geng Jun. Presented at Metrograph in New York, Brattle Theatre in Boston, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the series highlighted how a new generation of young auteurs has imbued the Chinese crime film with their own working methods, social observation, and artistic expression.   

Screening Schedule
At Metrograph:
2017 Sep 20th - 24th
7 Ludlow Street, New York City

    At Brattle Theatre:
2017 Nov 12th - 15th
40 Brattle St, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Sep 20th 19:00   The Conformist
Directed by Cai Shangjun
123 min
(Q&A session, after the film screening)

Sep 22th 19:00  Black Coal, Thin Ice
Director by Diao Yinan
110 min

Sep 23th 16:30 The Coffin in The Mountain
Director by Xin Yukun
119 min

Sep 23th 19:00  Lethal Hostage
Director by Cheng Er
97 min

Sep 24th 19:00  The Dead and End
Director by Cao Baoping
139 min

Metrograph, photo courtesy of Metrograph Cinema NYC.

Brattle Theatre, photo courtesy of The Brattle Theatre.

Cultural Exchange

Creative China Festival 2017
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Visual Art | Song Dong Pop-up Exhibition Eating the City (2017)

On October 15, ACAW Consortium Partner Mana Contemporary hosted Song Dong’s large-scale public project Eating the City where visitors were invited to consume Song’s miniature model city made from cookies, biscuits and candies. The project has been presented in Antwerp, Barcelona, Brasilia, London, Paris, and Shanghai.


2017 Oct 15th - Dec 15th
Mana Contemporary, 888 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ

Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation

Collaborating Institution:
ACAW, Mana Contemporary, PACE Gallery, The 1 Wine, Golden Gate Market

Special Thanks to:
Xue Chen, Jingyin Chen, Qiuning Guo, Rui Li, Qi Liu, Junnan Lü, Feifan Qiao, Yilin Tong, Yangxingyue Wang, Xige Xia, Justin Allen, Colby Blake, Jill Su, Yixue Shao, Hongyu Li, Xiuzhen Yin.

Cultural Exchange

Creative China Festival 2017
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Visual Art | Yu Fan Pop-up Exhibition Gift (2017)

CCF 2017 collaborated with Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW), a curatorial and educational platform in New York which ran from October 5 to 26, to present works by renowned Chinese artists Song Dong, Yu Fan, and emerging artist Li Jun in ACAW’s signature program.

“THINKING PROJECTS” curated by ACAW Director Leeza Ahmady. It is a series of pop-up exhibitions dedicated to examining process-oriented artistic endeavors which audiences are welcome to experience.

In September, sculptor Yu Fan took on a one-month residency at the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston at Tufts, which culminated in a presentation of new sculptural works hosted at ACAW Consortium Partner Sundaram Tagore Gallery in New York from October 12 to November 4.

2017 Oct 12th - Nov 4th
Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 547 W 27St , New York, NJ

Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF)

Collaborating Institution:
Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW), School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston at Tufts

Special Thanks to:
Mark Cooper

Cultrual Exchange

Creative China Festival 2017
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Forum | China-US Cultural Forums (2017)

Sino-US Cultural Innovation

“Sino-US Cultural Forums” included two conferences. Co-organized by BCAF and JD Foundation, and in collaboration with The Do School and Pace University, the “Social Innovation Conference” was held at the Times Building on October 14th 2017.

Felix W. Ortiz, the Assistant Speaker of the New York State Assembly, delivered the opening remarks at the conference. 14 guests from the field of social innovation discussed topics including “social innovation and influence” and “art, sharing and future.”

Sino-US Cultural and Creative Dialogue

On October 17th, BCAF, together with Asia Contemporary Art Week, New York Foundation for the Arts, and China House at NYU, co-organized “Culture and Creativity Dialogue” at NYU.

Michael Royce, executive director of NYFA gave the opening remarks. Artists Song Dong, Guo Hongwei, Yang Xin, and Li Jun gave presentations about their new works, and shared their ideas about art-making in the discussion session, which was moderated by artist and critic Christoper Ho.

The "Social Innovation conferences" was held at the Times Building. 

The audience at the “Social Innovation conferences".

The first panel speaking.

"Sino-Us Cultural and Creative Dialogue",left to right:Michael Royce, Christopher Ho, Song Dong, Guo Hongwei, Yang Xin, Photo by Zhang Pengpeng.

Michael Royce,  executive director of NYFA did opening speach, Photo by Zhang Pengpeng.

Song Dong,  Artist gave speach, Photo by Zhang Pengpeng.

Guo Hongwei,  Artist gave speach, Photo by Zhang Pengpeng.

Cultural Exchange

Creative China Festival 2017
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Design | Luyang Asia Character Setting Show (2017)

In an effort to further engage the world of Chinese garment design and fashion culture, CCF invited artists, designers, and musicians to join together in a cross-over collaboration. On November 10th, 2017, BCAF organized a pop-up exhibition by edgy contemporary designer and artist Lu Yang. In collaboration with Special Special, an independent art gallery/shop located in East Village, the exhibition represented a collection of 40 garments and select recent video art, showcasing a modern Chinese outlook on urban chic and visual aesthetics. Moreover, BCAF invited three leading emerging designers, Angel Chen, Min Wu, and Hiuman Chau, to create unique clothing for performers at the Morden Sky Festival. Their work was also presented on the big screen on the festival's stage.

Uterusman, Yu Lang ©Luyang Asia

The Opening night, photo by Li Rui.


Special Special Gallery

44 E 1st St, New York, NY, 10003

Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation

    Collaborating Institution:
Special Special, Hao Noodle and Tea

Special Thanks to:
Cai-Guo Qiang Studio, Guo Qiuning, Li Rui, Lü Junnan, Qiao Feifan, Tong Yilin, Xia Xige.