Forum | China-US Cultural Investment Summit (2019)

Date:  Thursday, October 17, 2019, 1PM-7PM
Location:  Asia Society, New York, USA
725 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021

Co-sponsored by the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation and the Asia Society in New York, the China-US Cultural Investment Summit was held at Asia Society on October 17, 2019. As an incubator of innovative cooperation between China and the United States, the annually held summit is the highest level exchange event for the cultural investment industries of China and the United States, a key project of the "Creative China Festival,” and an important platform for international cultural cooperation. Through hosting talks, round-table discussions, live webcasts and VIP visits, the summit promoted in-depth cooperation between key industry leaders in China and the United States, between the cultural and creative industries, and between professional institutions and leading talents. 15 Chinese and American guests from the fields of government, finance, investment, cultural creativity, academia, education, think tanks and foundations discussed the following key issues:

  • Cultural Investment and Social Innovation
  • Culture and Technology
  • International Talent Cooperation

Cultural investment is of strategic significance in the long-term cultural cooperation between China and the United States, and has played a leading role in China's rapid social and economic development in the past decade. With its professional experience, and large-scale integration and interaction with the technology industry, the China-US Cultural Investment Summit contributed to opening up more effective thinking for international industry leaders.

Welcome Remarks
Cui Qiao, President, Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation
Boon Hui Tan, Director of Asia Society Museum and Vice President of Global Artistic Programs
Cui Qiao, President, Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation. Photo by Tencent.

Session I: The organic integration of cultural investment and social innovation
Dorinda Elliott, Senior Vice President, Director of Business Center of China Institute

Yao Xiaoguang, Vice President of Tencent
Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas, Program Director of Arts and Culture, Rockefeller Brothers Foundation
Mao Mao, Co-Founder of Lunar Capital Management
Sun Tingting, Co-Partner of MM Capital
Tao Ze, Founder of Yishan, Senior Scholar of Synergos Institute of Rockefeller Family

Seesion I, Photo by Tencent.

In recent years, social innovation has become an effective force for solving social problems. At the same time, investment in the cultural sector is increasingly seen as a way to achieve positive social outcomes and shape a dynamic society. Participants discussed the impact of cultural investment and social innovation by sharing their innovative practices.

Session II: The leapfrog development of culture through science and technology

Cui Qiao, President of Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation, Chair of China Art Film Foundation 

Ying Xujun, Vice President of CMC Inc., CEO of Yinli
Margaret Bodde, Executive Director of Film Foundation
Liu Qin, Vice Minister of Culture Promotion Department of Dunhuang Research Institute
Karen Wong, Deputy Director of New Museum
Session II, Photo by Li Siying, Asia Society.

Culture and technology are mutually influencing and interwoven. Culture determines the nature of technology development and enriches the content of technology. At the same time, technology reveals cultural trends that affect every aspect of our lives. In this section, participants presented a variety of examples of collaboration in the arts, technology, and society to provide insights into the challenges and opportunities in this field.

Session III: Diversified cooperation of cultural and creative talents around the world

Boon Hui Tan, Director of Asia Society Museum and Vice President of Global Artistic Programs

Cara Mertes, Director of International Film Program of Ford Foundation
Jeff Reichert, Zhang Yiqian, Producers of documentary film American Factory
Wang Yiyou, Deputy Curator of the Palace Museum of Hong Kong
Xavier Teo, Executive Creative Director of Condé Nast Publications Inc.
Zhang Danyao, Founder of LUCKYRICE, Hostess of Lucky Chow

Session III, photo by Tencent. 

Given the importance of knowledge exchange, interdisciplinary cooperation and building global perspectives, cooperation between international talents plays a crucial role in social innovation. It promotes cultural and economic development, advances in technology, and influences social decision-making. Participants exchanged views on the urgent need to train and develop new talent in different fields and discussed the importance of transnational cooperation.