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Artist Residency in China

Guangdong Times Museum--All The Way South Residency in Exchange

Mission All the Way South: Residency in Exchange situates artist research and production in a rich and complex constellation of Souths by revisiting, re-interrogating and recuperating undercurrents of culture across national and ideological borders. Historically, Canton-where the Guangdong Times Museum is located-was the port of colonial trade and subaltern migration between China and the Souths of the world. Over the past thirty years, such trajectories and imageries have been largely overshadowed by accelerated capital and material flow. By consolidating direct circuits between southern China and the Souths of the world, and supporting research-oriented residencies and commissions, the exchange aims at creating new agencies of south-south resonance and cosmopolitanism.  

The Guangdong Times Museum is pleased to announce an open call for All the Way South: Residency in Exchange with The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre in 2020.

In the summer of 2020, The Factory will host one artist from China for a one-month residency in Ho Chi Minh City. In return, one Vietnamese artist will be invited to Guangzhou by Times Museum. After the exchange, one of the two selected artists will be granted a production fund based on a proposal developed in response to these geopolitical coordinates.The Guangdong Times Museum and The Factory are both core-funded by private sector enterprises. They have made shared commitments to assist artists in their search for resource, visibility and support, to nurture dialogues between artists and local communities, to negotiate and contextualize the social value of art in increasingly prohibitive and divided societies, and to stimulate and reverberate south-south resonances.

The 2020 exchange intends to bridge the vastly different histories and communities of contemporary China and post-colonial Vietnam, and to corral a shared resilience against market-driven ends of artistic production and circulation.

Application Requirements 
For applications of The Factory residency in 2020, please submit the following documents to by December 25, 2019:
1) A one-page statement of intent in English (max 500 words);
2) CV and portfolio with supporting images, video links and websites in PDF format;
3) Email, mobile, or social media contacts.
** All the Way South is an exchange program with international partners. Please note that English will be the language of communication.
** The final selection of artists will be jointly made by Guangdong Times Museum and The Factory. Shortlisted applicants will be notified in January, and a Skype interview might be requested afterwards.

Facilities and Grants 
For the awardee:
1) To be awarded a fellowship of 25,000 RMB, which includes visa, insurance, travel costs between China and Ho Chi Minh City, local accommodation per diem and other research expenses;
2) To self-arrange travel and research plans in accordance to the artist agreement;
3) The Factory will facilitate and coordinate local accommodations and itineraries alongside the delivery of at least one public event by the artist;
4) To submit a proposal at the end of the residency and apply for the commissioning fund of Guangdong Times Museum;
5) To provide a report of 1000 words with documentary images no later than one month after the residency.

Application Deadlines