Think Tank


Artist Residency in China

Institute for Provocation (IFP)
Mission The Institute for Provocation (IFP) is a Beijing-based workspace and think tank hosting residencies, research projects, workshops and lectures. IFP aims to be a crossway between disciplines and attitudes in the realm of art, architecture, design and urban studies. Through its wide network of actors, makers and researchers in China and beyond, IFP can provide intelligence to our residents and collaborators who themselves become a part the network. Together with these, IFP is constantly investigating both theoretical and practical issues about the city and its structure, its history, its way of working as an organism.

Overview Research that proposes cross-disciplinary strategies to collect information, read or produce work or artistic experiment. IFP also opens up for research in disciplines other than the arts that can provide the contemporary arts with new insights, modes of thinking and/or research strategies.

Application Requirements
1) Research outline (1-3 A4 paper)
2) CV and artist statement
3) Portfolio (PDF format)
4) Proposed timing
The material package is strongly advised to be sent at least 5 months prior your intended stay to
Please feel free to mail the same address with any relevant questions.

Facilities and Grants 
Supported projects are provided with local assistance and a studio to work. Money for travel, production and per diem needs to be raised by the artist in collaboration with IFP. IFP has strong collaborations with Mondriaan Foundation in the Netherlands, Iaspis in Sweden, Australia Council for the Arts and the Danish Arts Council, providing grants for residencies to work at IFP.

For all residencies, IFP provides a complete infrastructure which includes accommodation, studio, assistant(s), artistic supervision and support. IFP currently only review applications through the application procedures of our respective partnership organizations, or through recommendations. For more information please contact us directly.

Application Deadlines
Application is open all year round. Please indicate your choice of duration and preferred time period when apply