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Artist Residency in China

Jardin Orange

Mission Founded in 2016, Jardin Orange has been the first artist residency program of Shenzhen. It aims to promote the development of contemporary art in the region and enables each artist that comes to grow and develop further their style. Within the residency itself, it presents the drawings, sculptures, paintings and murals made by each of its artists.

Overview We are looking to host recognized international and regional artists so they can develop their creative visions to new limits and to work on a series of sculptures, canvases and 3d cross-over designs that can then be then displayed and sold to business, private collectors and displayed in exhibitions/fairs.

Unfortunately, we are not equipped for hosting the performing arts, music, videography, temporary installations / large sculptures and “old-school” photography processing.

JO offers 4 to 8-week residencies throughout the year. The goal is to host around 2-3 artists per month. This means, potentially, dozens of artists are provided the opportunity to live and work at Jardin Orange Artist Residency each year.

There are two types of residencies: "local" (those residing in the SZ/HK/GZ area) and "foreigner" (those invited/fly from abroad). Foreigners are usually invited months ahead of time, however "local" residency applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis.

Application Requirements 
Currently seeking "locally-based" designers and illustrators, fine artists and street/urban artists for wall projects and commissions.
All 2019 applications should be submitted by e-mail to For direct Chinese-language artist applications, send to:
A complete application includes:
1) an updated CV (including all recent years of exhibitions and fairs / residencies / shows).
2) a high-resolution visual portfolio your art work of the past 3 years (.pdf) and price list of works sold.
3) artist biography (include websites/description of style).
4) artist letter of intent. 

Facilities and Grants 
Each resident is provided access to an individual studio space (37 sq. meters), a private room with bathroom, and shared communal living space. Sometimes, group studios may be shared depending on volume/needs of artists. 5 studios are located inside the residency’s three-story building and are fully equipped. We have a 500-sq. meter public gallery on the first floor, several offices, rooftop space and a kitchen area.
Paid/Provided by host: Private living accommodations, reasonable amounts of studio and art materials (if not already available), translation support, gallery set-up / framing for art works, online promotions via Wechat and website and social media platforms.
Paid by artist: Travel to/from residency ("local"), personal travel and excursions made beyond residency-based activities, spouses or assistants, medical and travel insurance, visa fees, daily living expenses.

Application Deadlines
Application is open all year round. Please indicate your choice of duration and preferred time period when apply