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Artist Residency in the U.S.

Movement Research

New York City
Mission The Movement Research Artist-in-Residence program was launched in 1991. In 2001, it became a two-year Artist-in-Residence program.

Overview It provides commissions, rehearsal space, performances, professional development opportunities and peer dialogue, all of which are designed to support the individualized creative process of movement-based artists.

Application Requirements 
1) Artist Biography (200 words or less)
2) Artistic statement (maximum 400 words) expressing artistic goals for the residency period.
3) Relevance of Residency to Parent Artist (maximum 300 words)
4) 1 work sample (REQUIRED) that represents your artistic process.
5) Work sample description (150 words or less). Please explain the relationship between the work sample and your artistic statement. If there is no direct relationship, please tell us why you chose this specific work sample.
6) 2nd work sample (OPTIONAL)
7) Demographic Information: Movement Research collects demographic information for internal use only.

Facilities and Grants 
1) 50 hours of free rehearsal space
2) A residency fee of $500
3) A childcare stipend in the amount of $1000
4) A ten class card for access to Movement Research classes
5) Consideration for participation in MRX/Movement Research Exchange programs

Application Deadlines
The application for the 2020 Artist-in-Residence program will open January 15, 2020. Check the website for more details and application updates.