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Artist Residency in China


Mission P8 Artist in Residence is a creative residency project based on P8 community and Broad Town. It would conveys the value and meaning of love, innovation and sustainability to the public in an artistic way. The project is globally oriented and provides free residency for domestic and international art curators, as well as artists/industrial researchers,and art-related companies or institutions within 2 months. All the resident artists should create profound work from the perspectives of art, industry and nature for the Earth Eye Art Festival in Broad Town. In addition, this project could be regarded as an inspirational journey of future life exploring.

Overview 1) Residency period: within 1 or 2 month, July-August 2019
2) Number of residents: 3 groups (no more than 2 people per group)
3) Eligibility: P8 Artist Residency Program for international/domestic artists and industrial technology researchers. If you have more than two years of experience in independent art creation, you will be given priority in applying for opportunities.

Application Requirements 
Application process:
1) Chinese and English resumes and photos of myself
2) Representative works, graphic materials and simple texts Estimated residence time
3) Project plan or plan during the residency
4) Completed artist residency application form
Please send the above information to P8:zimin.dai@join For more details, please contact wechat: superkey819, cine_he

Facilities and Grants
Residency provides:
Accommodation, water, electricity, internet, and provide $1,200 to resident artists as a cost of living during the stay, and art materials fee.
The artist is responsible for the cost:
1) Round-trip travel expenses
2) The artist will be responsible for any other expenses created during the stay (P8 reserves the right of final interpretation)
3) Works of artists during their residence are owned by P8.
4) P8 can selectively retain the right to exhibit works of artists.

Application Deadlines
Application is open all year round. Please indicate your choice of duration and preferred time period when apply