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Artist Residency in China

Young Artist Community (YAC)

Mission Young Artist Community (YAC) is a community space for emerging artists. The Tianjin space is dedicated to artistic creation, residencies, exhibitions, and community exchanges.

Overview Printmaking art develops under the diverse and international artistic circumstances. The residency program invites applications from all art practitioners from all over the world. The program is not only printmaking artists, is it also for artists with no prior printmaking experience to explore printmaking.
Residency of printmaking artists:
1) Print Technique: Stencil, Intaglio, Relief, Mixed media
2) Residency Period: 1- 2 month
Residency of non-printmaking artists:
1) Medium: the original work can be painting, installation, sculpture and other types of art, under the help of print technicians, the work will be turned into printmaking works.
2) Residency Period: 1-2 month

Application Requirements
Apply online here or
request application form from, then return with:
1) Personal Resume
2) Personal Photo
3) Submitted works  

Facilities and Grants
YAC provides:
1) printing facilities, print materials, and professional technicians.
2) housing, food and transportation to the artist.
3) an information archive to keep creative records for artist. YAC will supply information about the exhibitions and marketing to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the artist.

Public programs:
1) All works of artists during the residency period will be displayed on a whole year exhibitions.
2) The option to produce joint art goods with YAC.
3) The option to participate in international seminars and public activities during residency program.

Application Deadlines
Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Artists can submit resumes and artwork at any time to
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.