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Artist Residency in China

kiwisual Artist-in-Residence Project

Mission The "kiwisual Artist-in-Residence Project" invites artists of different artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds for on-site creation that mainly involves conducting cross-over work on the "kiwisual Artistic Stones". Arteco is the base of the "kiwisual Artist-in-Residence Project"; located in suburban Guangzhou, Arteco has facilities that include log cabins, RVs, fish ponds, Chinese and western cuisine and farms; through the residence project, Arteco is aimed to be one of the platforms of arts and culture of the city.

Artists who engage in painting aged 18 or above.
The artist shall be obliged to work on two pieces of the "kiwisual Artistic Stones" (one large and one small), and finish all the work within the residence; content of the work will not be limited, but they shall be responsible for his or her work, which should not involve pornography, politics or plagiarism; the artist can either finish the work on his or her own, or collaborate with local artists or groups.

Application Requirements 
International artists who engage in painting aged 18 or above.
Length of residence is not limited with a monthly fee.
Artists who are interested please send your bio and portfolio to Please state if you will work with the "kiwisual Artistic Stones" or not.

Facilities and Grants
log cabins, RVs, twin ponds, organic farms, recreation & entertainment (outdoor karaoke) and Chinese/western cuisine. With an area of 34,000 square meters, Arteco also serves as a perfect venue for high-end tailor-made arts/cultural events.
Residence Fee:
Accommodation, studio (art materials included), food and transportation to and from the nearest metro station will be provided by "1-art valley" for RMB 6,500/month;
Optional service: "1-art valley" offers sight-seeing and art exchange service for the resident artist to visit tourist spots of Guangzhou City, as well as art museum, art village, creative centers and galleries; for a 3-week residence, there will be two of such visits, and the fee is CNY3,000;
The artist shall be responsible for his or her visa and air fare to travel to China. Please message us with your inquiry. An accompanying spouse will depend on the specific circumstances.