Annual Theme: Public Design

Annual theme: PUBLIC DESIGN

Agora for an equal future

BCAF x Sustainable Design

As the only independent art foundation and think tank in China, Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) is dedicated to creativity for an equal and diverse society. Founded in 2008, BCAF aims to become China’s most pioneering art foundation, supporting new talents and enhancing civil cultural spaces. Due to the current pandemic, human creativity is closely attached to co-existence with the natural environment. Therefore, one of the core missions of BCAF is to push sustainable design to its fullest potential.

In 2021, BCAF, together with 40 distinguished international organizations and 50 experts from a wide array of backgrounds (including government, environmental protection, academia, architecture, fashion, design, art, technology, and media) established the ECO Design Grant (formerly the China ECO Design Award) as an annual grant for sustainable design. The entire grant process, from announcement to final awards, lasted from February 2021 to September 2021, and the inaugural theme was “Community Building.” The call for applications closed on April 30th, 2021. During the three-month open call period, 774 valid applications were submitted from all over China, as many young designers and enthusiasts were inspired to experiment and innovate for sustainable design. Eight designers were selected in eight grant categories, including Rural-Urban Space Design, Visual Design, Product Design, and the Youth Innovative Design category.

In 2021, the ECO Design Grant organizing committee hosted a ceremony, panel forum, and exhibition at Beijing Design Week. Another exhibition was held with the UNESCO International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development (ICCSD), and a panel forum, “Sustainable Creativity Industry in China,” was held in partnership with Yale University. Caixin Culture, Sanlian Life Lab, Wei Gongyi, Tencent Foundation, Tencent CDC, Alibaba Design, and Alibaba Philanthropy all gave special reports on the subject with live streaming, documentary shooting, web traffic support, and advertisement funding support. BCAF and Zuo Jing Studio curated an exhibition at Shenzhen’s Hua Art Museum and Shanghai’s Pearl Art Museum called “Long Life Design: Thinking and Practice 2000–2020.” Through these programs the designers were closely connected with the commercial brands, research labs, foundations, and global exchanges.

In 2022, BCAF launched the BCAF Cultural Venture Philanthropy Fund—ECO Design Grant to support young creative talents in China. As the first venture philanthropy fund in the art and charity industries in China, BCAF emphasizes publicizing social issues by supporting, both socially and financially, Eco Art Park, eco-friendly public spaces, sustainable travel, and sustainable tech design.

Top: “2021 China ECO Design Award” Youth Innovative Design Award recipient: Hao Li (One Take Architects Studio). Project: Program SPARK: Raise Me Up

Bottom Left: “2021 China ECO Design Award” Sustainable Urban Community Building Architectural and Environmental Design Award recipient: The Big Fish Community Building & Development Center. Project: Community Participatory Museum, Free-down Space

Bottom Right: “2021 China Sustainable Design Award” Sustainable Rural Community Building Architectural and Environmental Design Award recipient: Wuzhi Wang (Snowland Great Rivers Environmental Protection Association). Project: De Jia Zero-Waste Community.

How can we integrate sustainability into public design for a wider social audience?
How can human life and mental health best co-exist with natural resources?

A pioneering network and impact fund for China’s sustainable designers

Agora for an equal future
diverse eco design X actual public needs

[2022 Highlights]

· Raising awareness of public design
The theme for 2022 is “Public Design”, which focuses on key issues in public lives and mental health. And this year’s grant categories include: Public Space Design, Public Product Design, Public Graphic Design, Tech and New Media Design, Youth x Creative Eco Design. The grant encourages not only professionals but also teenagers under age of 18 to participate in sustainable design.

· Grant benefits provided from 70+ partners
BCAF Cultural Venture Philanthropy Fund—ECO Design Grant is working with more than 70 organizations in leading industries to establish a large number of benefits for the emerging talents, including grant awards, international collaborations, business start-up, supply chain support, industrial summit, community applications, mentorship, exhibitions, research trips, professional resources, and publicity promotion.

· Global network expansion
With support from the International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development (UNESCO ICCSD), the outstanding design grant recipients’ works will be promoted to the UENSCO Creative Cities Network, increasing the social impact and building the foundation of international design platform.

· Multi-dimensional supports
The co-organizers of the 2022 ECO Design Grant come from different backgrounds, including but not limited to international organizations, nationwide design festivals, industrial committees, urban planning, rural construction, academic research, cultural institutions, design studios, museums, environmental protection organizations, international brands, e-commerce, sustainable travel, community rebuilding initiatives, foundations, non-profit organizations, and media.


Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation

Board of Consultation
Beijing Design Week, International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development (ICCSD) under the auspices of UNESCO, Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Organization

Strategic Partners
PORT: Odes of the Time, SONGTSAM, CCTV Culture Spotlight, China Culture Daily

International Institutions: British Council, Global Disability Innovation Hub

Academic Support: College of Architecture and Urban Planning | Tongji University, Ethnic Costume Museum | Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Brands: Tmall Global, Coca-Cola (China), klee klee, VEGE WONDER, iliangcang

Non-profit: Tencent Foundation, Tencent Tech Philanthropy, ANT Foundation, SANY Foundation, China Development Brief

Design: Alibaba Design, Alibaba Health Design, Tencent Customer Research & User Experience Design Center, Sustainable Design China Summit, B.L.U.E. Architecture, Turenscape, typo_d Graphics, Social Design by Zishu, Digua Community

Environmental Protection: Friends of Nature, Beijing Zero Waste Promoting Association (ZWPA), P.E.T. Plastic Ecological Transformation

Culture: OW SPACE, Zuo Jing Studio, New Weekly Lifestyle, Yi Shan Books, Moods Gallery, Wishin Art

Creative Platform Partner

Media Partners (A-Z)

CX Creative, Tencent GUYUProject, China Philanthropy Times, Art China, ifengfashion, ArtLive, INDUSTRIALDESIGNCLUB.COM, GLOBAL DESIGN, INTERNI, ART&BUSINESS, Zai Art App, Yiyemeixue, Re:Generation, AssBook, Archcomic, Typeschool, TOPYS, UniDesignLab, Zaomedesign, Charitarian

[Grant Categories]

Public Space Design
Sustainable design for public spaces (parks, community areas, cultural squares, libraries, bus stations, etc.)

Public Product Design
Sustainable product design for daily use (energy-saving devices, utilities, share economy products, etc.)

Public Graphic Design
Graphic design for public promotion of sustainability (sustainable itineraries, signboards, posters, etc.)

Tech and New Media Design
Sustainable technology design (digital imaging, interactive devices, artificial intelligence technology, VR/AR/MR, etc.)

Youth x Creative Eco Design
Discovering shining youth talents (under 18) for the promotion of sustainability

[Grant Benefits]

BCAF Cultural Venture Philanthropy Fund

· Public Space Design
One outstanding design | Grant of 50,000 RMB
Two final candidates | Grant of 10,000 RMB each

· Public Product Design
One awardee | Grant of 50,000 RMB
Two final candidates | Grant of 10,000 RMB each

· Public Graphic Design
One awardee | Grant of 50,000 RMB
Two final candidates | Grant of 10,000 RMB each

· Tech and New Media Design
One awardee | Grant of 50,000 RMB
Two final candidates | Grant of 10,000 RMB each

· Youth x Creative Eco Design
One awardee | Grant of 10,000 RMB
Two final candidates | Grant of 3,000 RMB each

Ceremony and Honors
· All grant recipients will be invited to an awards ceremony
· All grant recipients will be given a Certificate of Honor

Global Collaborations
· Publicity and promotion in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network
· Participation opportunities in an exhibition curated by ICCSD
· Participation opportunities in international panels, exhibitions, university-level research projects, and think tank reports

Cross-Industry Collaboration

· Beijing Design Week
—Exhibition, panel forum, and international exchange opportunities provided by Beijing Design Week
—Possible inclusion of design in China Design Museum collection

· Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation
—Collaboration assistance with public communities, industry leaders, and local communities in China

· Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Organization
—Recommendations on applying for government projects and exhibitions
—Entrepreneurial consultations and business opportunities located at Beijing Design Resource Cooperation (DRC)
—Media publicity opportunities on official platforms

· Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone
—Collaboration opportunities with Zhengzhou Expo Park

· Zuo Jing Studio
—Rural construction design, exhibition curation, publishing collaborations

—One BCAF Sustainability Ambassador will be sponsored on a “Songtsam Journey—Explore the Three Parallel Rivers” trip (9 days and 8 nights)
—All outstanding design grant recipients will receive a copy of Songtsam's “A Path to Enlightenment” published by SDX Joint Publishing Company

·Tencent Customer Research & User Experience Design Center(CDC)
—The opportunity to participate in the final round of “Create for Good” campaign and web traffic promotions

· Tmall Global
—The opportunity to collaborate with Tmall Global and BCAF on social welfare products

· ANT Foundation
—Industry support with production

· P.E.T. Plastic Ecological Transformation
—Supply chain resource support with sample-making assistance
— Opportunities presented by P.E.T.’s official selling platforms (including Taobao, Youzan, and the brand’s own sales department) with six-month copyright authorizations

· Wishin ART
—All outstanding and final candidate designs will have the opportunity to be presented in urban renewal communities in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Chongqing

Media Promotion
· The outstanding and final candidate designs will receive promotion from BCAF and all 70+ partners
· CCTV-3 Culture Spotlight special report on “Sustainable Design”
· Tencent GUYUProject promotion support
· Display on ZCOOL’s ECO DESIGN page with official web traffic recommendation
· New Weekly Life’s special report opportunities
· Sustainable Design China Summit’s special report
· Special report and expert committee interview with lofter

[Evaluation Criteria]

—Has an original breakthrough design concept and aesthetics
—Effectively addresses the actual needs of public and daily life
—Establishes an emotional connection and humanistic relationship between consumers, designers, and producers, focusing on “public design”

—Sustainable materials use (natural materials, degradable materials, recycling materials, and any other material that reduces or lower utilization rate, process, energy consumption)

—Optimizes the function of using the product, prolongs the life cycle of the product, reduces the use of packaging

Social Welfare
—Strategic positioning of social responsibility, public welfare cooperation, and long-term planning
—Focuses on the diversity, inclusiveness, and accessibility of the design target population (different ages, genders, physical disabilities/challenges, mental health, etc.)


August 8th: Grant Announcement & Call for Applications
August 8th-October 8th: Open Call (Mainland China) & Global Publicity
October 9th-November 19th: Evaluation (preliminary screening + final committee review)
December 12th: Grant Recipients Notified (via phone calls or emails)
Public Announcement of Grant Recipients
End of December: Ceremony & Panel Forum
2023: Collaborations and Exhibitions

[Submission Requirements]

Please scan the QR Code to submit your work:

1. Scope of the call
• Completed projects
• Finished products or samples of a design
Project or product proposals (practicality will be considered)
2. In a WORD document, please note name, age, current job position, contact information, project description, personal biography, and organization description.
3. For images submitted: at least five pictures, JPEG format, 300 DPI or more
4. Video (if applicable): MP4 format, unlimited length
5. All submitted materials must be in one packed file and not exceed 30 MB in size.

Please email info@bcaf.org.cn
Subject line: “2022 Sustainable Design Grant Program + Applicant Name”

[Expert Committee]

Public Space Design

Public Product Design

Public Graphic Design

Tech and New Media Design

Youth x Creative Eco Designs s

BCAF’s Sustainable Design Programs(2017–2022)

BCAF Cultural Venture Philanthropy Fund
· ECO Design Grant
(Eco Art Park, eco-friendly public spaces, sustainable tourism, and sustainable design technology)

Global Collaborations
· “COP 15 Biodiversity Conference: Nature and Culture Diversity Summit” (BCAF, IUCN, UNESCO, China Forum of Environmental Journalists,Department of Ecology and Environment of Yunnan Province)
· Panel Forum “Sustainable Creativity Industry in China”(BCAF、ICCSD、Yale University)
· The Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC)

· “The Amazing Bottle: Recycled Materials Design Awards”(BCAF, Coca-Cola China, MUJI China)
· 2022 “The Big Earth" Design Fellowship(BCAF、MUJI China)

Art Residencies, Exhibitions
· “Long Life Design: Thinking and Practice 2000–2020” (Shenzhen Hua Art Museum, Shanghai Pearl Art Museum, BCAF, Zuo Jing Studio)
· “Make for Live”—Sichuan Lao Hegou Natural Reserve Art Residency (BCAF, The Paradise International Foundation)
· International Art Residency (BCAF, Institute for Provocation)

Social Welfare Products
· China New Folk Art (Dulong Ethnicity in Yunnan, Tibetan Ethnicity in Qinghai)
· “Waste into Treasure: Recycle and Remake Art” Design Campaign(BCAF, Alipay)
· Artists’ for Degradable Biomaterials Series (BCAF, Shanghai Power Station of Art)
· Designer Jute Tote Bag (BCAF、MUJI China
· Art Face Mask (BCAF, Alibaba Health)

“7 Days Life Lab—Zero Waste” VLOG (BCAF, Sanlian Life Lab)

[Partnership inquiries]
HU Fei | Secretary General, hufei@bcaf.org.cn
XUAN Chunyi | Director of Grant Programs, xuanchunyi@bcaf.org.cn
XU Pei | Director of Public Relations, xupei@bcaf.org.cn

Terms and Conditions for Participation

About the Entries’ Originality and Legality
1. The participants promise to own the relevant intellectual property rights (copyright, patent rights) or be the owner of the submitted entries as the original creator.
2. The entires submitted have not been published or participated in any competitions previously, and have not been used by a third party.
3. The participants promise that the submitted entries are created without any rule violations, infringement, violations of public order and good customs, damages to social and public interests, etc.

About the Intellectual Property
1. The entries must be submitted by the owners, or the individuals, teams, enterprises who design/create the works, or the clients who entrust the design/creation of the works. The same entry can only be submitted by one entity.
2. The participants agree that the entries will be used by the organizer or the third party appointed by the organizer as promotion for this grant. The term of use is permanent, and no further remuneration will be given to the participants.

About the Production of the Entries
1. Under further written agreement between the participant and the organizer, participants agree that the submitted entries will be used for productions for sale.

About the Entities
1. In case that the entry is to be submitted by more than one entity, relevant matters including who is the entity, how to divide the honors and relevant interests shall be settled and confirmed through negotiation by participants, otherwise the entry will be deemed invalid.

About the Participants’ Submitted Data
1. The personal data submitted by the participants are only used for the evaluation of the entries. The organizer will ensure that the participants’ personal data will not be disclosed or used for commercial purposes.
2. Participants agree that the organizer will use their works for promotion, exhibition and other non-commercial activities. Without the authorization of the organizer and participants, any third party shall not recreate, produce, sell, promote, publish, exhibit and publicize in any form, otherwise the organizer and the participants reserve the right to investigate the legal responsibilities of the aforementioned any third party.

About the Judging Results
1. The jury is composed of experts and scholars from various industries globally, who will conduct professional evaluation based on the principles of fairness, justice and openness. The jury has the final decision right on the judging results, thus the organizer will not accept any complaint on evaluation results.

1. In case that the participants are under 18, the participants agree that upon the receiving of the grant a written proof of their legal guardians will be provided.
2. The participants agree that the entries will be kept confidential till the announcement of the results. Before the announcement of the best entries, the participants will not publish or use the entries in other submissions.
3. In case of participants’ violations of the conditions above, the Competition Committee has the right to cancel the entries’ qualification to participate and reverse the decision to reward. The organizer shall not be responsible for any litigation, claim, loss, damage, cost and expense that may or has been caused due to participants’ violations of the conditions above, and any loss caused to the organizer and relevant organizations shall be compensated by the participants themselves.
4. The participants acknowledge that the final explanation belongs to the organizer.
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