“Future Stage” Releasing its Annul Report

In April 2021, Harvard University metaLAB launched the "FutureStage" international research project, which is committed to promoting the exploration of the challenges and development prospects of performing arts in the post-epidemic era. Mrs. Cui Qiao of Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation was part of the research group developing the project.

In a world of 5G high-speed connections, people have new expectations for media interaction, cultural innovation, and presence. In particular, the power of citizen participation in the performing arts is changing. This research team will identify and describe these changes, and sort out the problems and opportunities that arise in the new pattern of stage art, urban renewal, and public society. Through the comparison and analysis of sample practices and key ideas in different fields, the team is releasing an annual report to the world, which could serve as professional references and think tank inspirations for governments, cultural institutions and art organizations around the world.

The interdisciplinary team of this project is composed of 21 international experts from 9 countries with diverse expertise, including scholars, theatre directors/producers, media professionals, foundation members, and consultative body members. BCAF has been supporting original artistic creators for years and has initiated a series of innovative intercultural exchange programs in 18 countries. This time, Harvard University invited BCAF to be the only international co-sponsor of the Greater China region.

“Future Stage” 2021 Annul Report

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