Shen Wei‘s INTEGRATE premiered in Shanghai

Immersive Show “INTEGRATE”



BCAF is honored to recommend Shen Wei, a dancer, choreographer and visual artist, and his latest immersive multimedia production “INTEGRATE”. The production premiered in Shanghai on the 11th June at the WEST BUND DOME as part of the Shanghai International Arts Festival’s new Artra unit. “INTEGRATE” will open the door until 20th June.

Together with dancers from southern China’s Guangdong Modern Dance Co., the Shanghai-based Xiexin Dance Theater, and the vareity show “Dance Storm”, Shen created an immersive art feast, combining performance and visual arts, culminating in a multi-sensory experience of performance intertwined with paintings, videos, installation, sounds and more.

Undivided Divided at Park Avenue Armory, New York, 2011

The one-hour production begins with an exhibition of Shen's painting, photography and installations. The second part is a video of dancers practicing action arts in the streets of Shanghai and New York filmed and edited by Shen, with audiences seated in a circle facing four large screens. When the screens are raised, 32 dancers are seen spread across a 900-square-meter chessboard-style stage in the center of the venue. In the third part of the show, dancers perform right in front of the audience while staining themselves with paintings.

Shen spent five months in China’s Hainan Province for creating “INTEGRATE” and produced more than 60 art works for the production.

“INTEGRATE is an exploration into the potentials of creative art forms and an opportunity for people to observe their inner self. We work toward the same goal with different methods. We situated in different physical location yet connected in mental space. As distinct individuals, we collborate to rebuild.” Shen said in an interview.
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