Art+ | Episode 2: Dialogue with Beijing Danliren Comedy

If you were to ask a young person today what comedy is, their first thought might not be sketch comedy or cross-talk, but rather stand-up comedy shows, comedy variety shows, or open mic nights. Faced with various pressures in real life, more and more people are choosing to watch a comedy show to relieve their stress with laughter. In this issue, we invited three Danliren Comedy actors/writers: Jia Jia, Penguin, and Zhao Zichen, to see how those who create laughter do so with seriousness.

The three guests are all Danliren comedians, who have trained many famous comedians/ writers in the industry in recent years and have made a great impression both offline and online. During the conversation, although Jia Jia, Penguin, and Zhao Zichen expressed themselves differently, they all agreed on one thing - they may not consider themselves as artists, but they are serious about bringing laughter to their audience.

Preview for the next episode:

Dialogue with Film Cinematographer Deng Lu, to be released on January 25th.

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