Art+ | Episode 3: Dialogue with Film Cinematographer Deng Lu

Steadicam is a type of camera stabilizer used to reduce camera shake during mobile filming. However, because it often requires carrying equipment weighing dozens of pounds and even running, this job requires both technical and physical expertise.

In 2020, photographer Deng Lu became known as the "Steadicam Queen" after a video of her skillfully operating a Steadicam went viral online, which also made the public aware of the existence of women in this industry.

Behind these labels, what she wants to do and what she can do has never been limited to Steadicam. After returning to her normal life overnight, what is the real daily life of a female photographer like? We talked to Deng Lu to find out.

Preview for the next episode:

Dialogue with "The Sound of Walking", to be released on February 3rd.

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