Art+ | Episode 1: Dialogue with Theater Director Ding Yiteng.

Life is like a drama, and drama is like life. We documented the closing performance of director Ding Yiteng's representative work "Duo E" and talked to him about the relationship between drama and life.

His avant-garde experimental play "Duo E" sold out within 8 minutes, creating a box office miracle at the Wuzhen Theatre Festival. His debut in the grand theater, "I Am Not Madame Bovary" was disguised as a comedy, but had a core of absurd realism.

He combines contemporary Western drama elements with Chinese opera, proposing the concept of "New Programmatic Drama," hoping to bring Chinese cultural attributes and philosophical thinking to the world through his works.

He has been given countless labels, such as drama genius, young director leading the way in theater, and youth drama director. However, he says he is a person who is difficult to define, and each of his works represents a different aspect of himself, and together they make up who he is.

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