“Tadao Ando World Exhibition Tour: Youth”

2021-2022 Beijing Exhibition

October 12th, 2021—January 9th, 2022
Min Sheng Art Museum

“Tadao Ando World Exhibition Tour: Youth” is artist’s, Tadao Ando’s, biggest retrospective exhibition that opened on October 12th, 2021 at The Minsheng Art Museum in Beijing, China, co-organized by Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation.

Replica of “Church of the Light”, image©CA-Group, photographer/Studio FF
It was the fifth stop of Tadao Ando’s World Exhibition Tour. Unlike the previous four shows, this time, the theme changed from “endeavors” to “youth”. The “Green Apple” sculpture found at the museum entrance represented the artist’s vibrant and youthful mindset— "staying immature and being full of a challenging spirit” after five of his organs were removed due to cancer.

Part of “Green Apple” outside of Minsheng Art Museum with “Forever Youth” written by Tadao Ando, image©CA-Group, photographer/Studio FF

This exhibition consisted of four sections: "shape of space," "urban challenge," "landscape genesis" and "architecture and history”, that spanned the architect’s over half-a-century long career. With more than 80 pieces of work, the Beijing exhibition included 1:1 replicas of three of his finest works: “Church of the Light,” “Church on the Water,” and the Meditation Space at UNESCO headquarters. The audience was able to experience a holistic understanding of Tadeo’s Ando’s theories in architecture and creative process through his video documentaries, photographies, sketches, and models.

On October 11th 2021, a “Tadao Ando World Exhibition Tour: Youth” press conference was held at Minsheng Art Museum with Tadao Ando joining virtually.

Ma Weidong, Founder of CA-Group, partner of Chinese project of Tadao Ando Institute of Architecture, and Founder of the IAM International Architectural Alliance, explained the theme of the exhibition: “‘Youth’ is both Mr. Ando’s philosophy and the spirit we need under the pressure of the global pandemic. China is now the center of vibrant economic growth. In Beijing, the center of China, we hope to share our ‘youth’ with every one around the globe, like planting an apple seed in people’s hearts. ”

Ma Weidong, image©CA-Group, photographer/Studio FF

Akihiko Onoda, director of Japan Foundation Beijing also gave his best wishes to the exhibition, “Tadao Ando’s works broke through the country’s boundaries, and will lead the world through centuries.”

Akihiko Onoda, image©CA-Group, photographer/Studio FF

During the online talk session, Tadao Ando talked about his unchanged beliefs in architecture and his understandings of “youth” while answering a few questions from the audience.

Tadao Ando during online session, image©CA-Group,photographer/Studio FF

Tadao Ando explained the reasons why he chose these three works to make 1:1 replicas, which were all relatively small compared to his other works. He felt the powerful architecture could be inspiring, regardless of its size. For example, “Church of the Light” played with people’s sensibility through the change of light and shadow while “Church on the Water” was about the echo of water and nature.

According to Tadao Ando, all architects have the responsibility to think about the Earth and environment while designing, especially during the pandemic. This exhibition would raise the awareness of individual’s impact on the environment—the human future and better living spaces should be carefully re-considered.

“Youth” for Tadao Ando was not an age, but a mindset. Even at 100 years old, one should still be vibrant and young——that’s the ability of “eternal youth”. People’s love for his “Green Apple” was a sign of “chasing youthfulness.”

At the end of the talk, Tadao Ando wished a better architectural culture in China that can be shared widely with the rest of the world.


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