Devotion and Vigilance: BCAF 2023-2024 Work Overview

Message from 2024|Chairman: Qiao CUI


In 2024, we look forward to acting together to shape the future of a peaceful, vibrant and sustainable humanistic civil society.

Connecting humanistic education and social innovation in the spirit of the times.

BCAF will strengthen its support as a grant-making foundation for special funds for cultural public welfare, international exchange, young talents, art and technology.

Art for Social Welfare

In addition to the long-standing support for rural children's aesthetic education, China's new folk art, and sustainable design, BCAF will launch the Art Healing Series, the Art & Design Study Tour Series, and the Children's Natural Art Playground, which will reach out to the community and the public, injecting some relaxing and soothing artistic vitality into the public's daily life.

Cultural Creativity

BCAF will collaborate with renowned corporate donors on sustainable eco-programmes and new media art programmes.

Global Collaboration

BCAF will collaborate with embassies, cultural institutions, and art foundations to organise art residencies and exhibitions of international masters and emerging talents, as well as touring programmes in China. Youth Live+! festival will be held throughout the year in New York and Paris, presenting emerging young talent in experimental independent music and multimedia art.

BCAF Work Sharing

The Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) is pleased to present this sincere review of our work, and in 2023, we continued our mission of "discovering Cultural Creativity and promoting art for the public good", with new journeys and breakthroughs in global collaboration, masters' collaborations, art for the public good, and the support of young talents.

2023 Review|Secretary-General: Hu Fei

2023 is a year of dive and watchfulness. Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) is honoured to join hands with the government, international organisations, donors, colleges and universities, media, cultural workers and other partners to continue to share meaningful and energetic art and culture projects with the public.

The "Art for Growth|Aesthetic Education Programme for Rural Children" is entering its third year. We officially published the book "Painting Home" in Xiuwu, Henan Province, which was created by resident artists and designers together with local children. This summer, we took the children who were about to graduate from Dananpo Primary School to the faraway city of Chengdu and organised a farewell and growth art and poetry summer camp. Student Zhang Shuya wrote in her diary, "Coming to a very far away and unfamiliar place, I have seen a lot of the world and I don't have to envy others." Resident artists Dong Yi and Chen Jie, based in Shangri-La, Yunnan Province, took children from the Tacheng area of Vixi to create stunning ink scrolls.In 2024, we look forward to more children bursting with the beauty and creativity of independence and confidence.

The Dulong River township in Yunnan saw the largest number of participants in the "China's New Folk Art|Yunnan Dulong Naze Handicrafts" in nine years. They are becoming more and more comfortable with rainbow fabrics, daring to come up with their own design concepts and passing them on to the next generation, and in 2024, a new public community space will provide a place for the sisters to weave exclusively, while laying the groundwork for the establishment of a sustainable co-operative.

In December, more than 700 members of the public participated in BCAF's newest strategic project, "Mind Gathering: Community Art Healing Festival", where participants healed and calmed themselves through art over a three-day weekend workshop, and gained the strength to re-observe themselves before setting out and contributing to the community. In 2024, we will also bring art healing to more communities and parks.

"The China Sustainable Design Talent Venture Programme, the Bó Lè's New Voices series in collaboration with Caixin Creative, and the Overseas Young Chinese Artists series have helped us meet more creative and enterprising artists. We have met more creative talents with ideas, vigour and ability. They care about the future of the earth and society, and are independent and bold.

In 2023, BCAF relaunched its international cultural exchanges, travelling to London, Paris, New York and Cannes: BCAF organised the first ever exhibition on "Sustainable Design in China" at the United Nations Headquarters; co-organised a series of activities for the United Nations Chinese Language Day with the Chinese Mission to the United Nations, author Liu Cixin and others; and brought traditional handicrafts to the Chinese section of the International Innovation Biennale in Paris and to the Chinese section of the International Innovation Biennale in Paris. The "China-U.S. Youth Music Festival", which supports the new generation of independent musicians, has transformed New York's Carnegie Hall into a scene of improvisation and experimentation; Wang Bing's "Youth", which was co-produced by BCAF's Art Film Fund, gained international recognition in the main competition of the Cannes International Film Festival; the "Youth", which was co-produced with Harvard's Harvard University, has won international awards and attention. The BCAF Art Film Fund co-produced Wang Bing's Youth, which won international attention in the Main Competition of the Cannes International Film Festival in France; collaborated with Harvard University and other teams in the International Online Theatre Festival; and supported young artist Lu Yang's public art project in New York City's Times Square.


Special Fund

BCAF-Eastside Oasis Special Fund
Initiating Organisation: Beast from the East
Focus areas: children's beauty education, women's support, handicraft renewal, etc.

In 2022, BCAF and China's sustainable skincare and lifestyle brand Dongbian Beast successfully established the BCAF Dongbian Oasis Special Fund.

With the aim of supporting rural women, children and other groups to share culture and art freely and equally, and building a diversified humanistic civil society, the fund will make full use of the social innovation power of culture, art and public welfare, focusing on supporting the artistic and aesthetic education and humanistic development of rural women, rural children and other groups.

In 2023, BCFA's Eastside Oasis Special Fund launched its first Young Artist Residency Programme, in which two artists, Chen Jie and Dong Yi, brought lively aesthetic education to children in the town of Tacheng in Shangri-La. At the end of the residency programme, a children's exhibition was held in the newly constructed on-site space with the theme of "Children's Creation", and a special charity gift box was launched.

BCAF-VOGUE Special Fund for Retaining Handicrafts
Initiator: VOGUE
Focus Area: Empowerment of Crafts Community

In 2023, BCAF and VOGUE launched the "BCAF-VOGUE Retaining Crafts Special Fund".

The fund aims to promote the innovation and integration of traditional Chinese handicrafts and contemporary design, to give full play to the value of culture and art, and to seek the well-being of the handicrafts community in the form of cultural public welfare undertakings.

Focusing on the "empowerment of the crafts community", the fund uses art and culture to support the sustainable development of the crafts community, including but not limited to improving the studio environment, supporting local empowerment education, helping female crafts community, regular visits, dissemination of filming and international exchanges, etc. The fund will be used to promote the development of the crafts community.

In February 2023, BCAF, as a charity supporter, launched the "Traditional Handicraft Clothing Auction" with VOGUE, Forever Auction and Fuyi Si Auction, and in June 2023, BCAF, VOGUE, and Beijing International Design Week co-hosted the Paris International Biennale of Innovative Design China, which was visited by the Chinese Ambassador to France and tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. In June 2023, BCAF, VOGUE and Beijing International Design Week jointly organised the Paris International Biennale of Innovative Design China exhibition, which was visited by the Chinese ambassador to France and tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

BCAF-Sustainable Design Public Welfare Venture Capital Special Fund
Initiator: BCAF
Focus Area: Sustainable Design

In 2022, BCAF established the "BCAF-Sustainable Design Public Welfare Venture Capital Special Fund" to help incubate and upgrade China's creative industry.

▲BCAF China Sustainable Design Talent Public Benefit Venture (2020-2023 Partial Winning Works)

In the post-pandemic era, the ecological coexistence of human creativity and the natural environment has become a global concern. As one of BCAF's signature strategic areas of work, "BCAF Sustainable Design Talent Public Welfare Venture Capital" is the first cultural public welfare venture capital in China's art and public welfare industries, dedicated to enhancing the transformation of sustainable design in response to social issues and public life, and to supporting child-friendly, public community space, and rural sustainable design, It supports innovative cross-border co-operation in the fields of child-friendly, public community space, rural sustainable design, and technology AI sustainable design.

BCAF-One World Special Fund
Initiator: Beijing Art Without Borders International Education Technology Co.
Focus Area: Children's Art Education

In 2023, BCAF and Beijing Art Without Borders International Education Technology Co., Ltd. successfully established the BCAF One World Special Fund.

This special fund aims to promote the deepening and popularisation of culture, art and social welfare in children's education, art learning and creation, and to jointly build an innovative platform for children's art exchange and growth. The main purpose of this special fund is to support children's art creation, cultural exchange, children's public welfare-themed art exhibitions and activities, to promote and popularise children's culture and art education, and to promote children's interdisciplinary education in the arts, and children's education in global literacy, and so on. Direction.

BCAF-Yiqi Health Specialised Fund
Sponsor: Ali Health Technology (China) Co.
Focus Area: Public Health and Well-being

In 2022, BCAF, together with Ali Health Technology (China) Co., Ltd, plans to set up the "BCAF-Art Up Health Special Fund". Art and design should face up to differences, and think about and solve the problems that exist in the real world with an equal perspective.

The special fund takes public welfare as its core purpose, promotes the innovation and integration of culture, art and health, and seeks health and well-being for the public in the form of cultural public welfare undertakings, focusing on "Sustainable Design Public Welfare Venture Capital for Healthy Lives", which is used for public advocacy, professional solicitation, directional invitations for joint co-operation, and dissemination and promotion.

In 2023, we successfully held the "Be the Light of Your World|Visually Impaired Public Benefit Exhibition" with the Danish Cultural Centre in Beijing's 798 Art District; jointly launched art co-branded public benefit masks; and carried out collaborations such as research on art healing colour palettes.

Talent Support

Talent Support | 2024 Sustainable Design Funding Programme

Since 2020, BCAF, together with 200+ distinguished organisations in international institutions, government, community, environmental protection, academia, business, design, art, technology, media and other fields, as well as 132 expert master judges, has launched 6 global open calls, attracting 2,400 application submissions from young talents from all over the world. The annual funding programme has become an innovative and high-quality professional platform for cultural and public welfare venture capital, and the multifaceted cooperation of the Sustainable Design Talent Pool Base is steadily developing.

BCAF creates the most influential young talent funding and cross-border cooperation network in the field of sustainable design in China, and gradually forms a closed loop of sustainable public welfare VC work: public welfare VC grants, think tank special issues, international exhibitions, business incubation, supply chain landing, industry summits and forums, community applications, mentor counselling, thematic special exhibitions, study trips, and public relations and publicity.

The 2024 funding programme will focus on "Sustainable Living for the Common Good" and the China Arts Carbon Reduction ♻️ Alliance, with three thematic units: #Eco-Design for Urban and Rural Communities, #Child-Friendly Sustainable Design, and #AI Responsible Interactive Design.

Talent Support | Funding Scheme for Women Artists

Since its establishment, BCAF has paid great attention to funding and supporting female artists in the fields of literature, film, contemporary art, design, architecture, modern dance, theatre, music, etc. It has initiated and supported projects such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Youth Photography Theme Exhibition, "Ripples of Migration - The Ripples of a Woman's Lifetime", Christie's sponsorship of the "BCAF Funding Scheme for Young Women Artists", and international cultural exchanges, amongst others.

▲Christie's sponsorship of the "BCAF Funding Scheme for Young Women Artists"- Song Wanrong's Artwork

Christie's sponsorship of the "BCAF Funding Scheme for Young Women Artists"- Long Pan's Artwork

In 2024, BCAF will continue to focus on supporting female artists, helping them to realize their diverse exploration, creative potential and academic strength in the field of art, with a particular focus on encouraging young female artists from remote areas and rural villages in China.

Talent Support | New Voices Season 3 (2024)

The "NEW VOICE" Bó Lè Associates New Talent Programme is a joint initiative of BCAF, Caixin Audiovisual and Caixin Creative.

We hope to discover and support new talents in the fields of art, design, literature and publishing, thought, film, architecture, dance, children's aesthetics, theatre and music, and to build a unique and authentic public platform to support personalised life choices, diversified sharing of original journeys, and constructive humanistic reflections and social interactions, so as to inspire a wide range of readers and audiences. In turn, it will inspire a wide range of readers to be more courageous and determined in their lives and creative paths.

▲Recommender of the third season of "NEW VOICE".

Art for Social Welfare

Sustainable Design Innovation Funding Scheme|Getting Braille on Packaging
Co-planning Team: Sustainable Design Promotion Association (SDPA)
Scope of cooperation: Brand companies with Chinese product packaging, charity organisations and individuals.
▲In January 2023, the project was planned by AliHealth's design team, hosted by Alibaba Public Welfare, and co-hosted by AliHealth, BCAF and the Danish Cultural Centre for the visually impaired in the "Life of Each Other - Be the Light of Your World Public Welfare Exhibition". In June, the project won the Bronze Lion in the Health & Wellness category at the 2023 Cannes Festival of Creativity. In June, the project won the Bronze Lion in the Health & Wellness category at the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, and in December, the project won the Gold Award at the 2023 China Design Intelligence Awards.

In January 2024, BCAF and the Sustainable Design Initiative (SDI) launched the "Sustainable Design Innovation Programme - Braille on Packaging". The initiative to add Braille to packaging is not just a technological advancement, but a concrete expression of social responsibility. This design innovation will have a profound impact on visually impaired users, providing them with safer access to medication, more equal and independent opportunities for education and creativity, and more convenient shopping and travelling experiences, as well as encouraging society as a whole to show greater care and respect for people with disabilities.

This small change has a strong potential for public welfare development, and can promote social inclusion and the dissemination of health knowledge. By strengthening Braille design, we not only create more opportunities for the disadvantaged to participate in society, but also stimulate the sustainable development of public welfare, contributing to the building of a more equal and inclusive society. This project is not just about a visual imprint, but also has the far-reaching potential to inspire love in the community and improve the lives of the underprivileged.

Art for Growth|Aesthetic Education for Children in Dananpo Village
Organiser: BCAF
Supporting organisations: Dananpo Primary School, Future Design Institute of Beijing Normal University, Xiwu County Education and Sports Bureau, Zhejiang Zhipu Public Welfare Foundation, Zuo Jing Studio, etc.

Starting from 2020, BCAF's Art for Growth|Aesthetic Education for Rural Children series will be based on the two core values of "locality" and "independence", leading children to explore the subtleties of their daily lives and discover the humanistic elements around them through the diversified means of humanities and arts, and building their local confidence. Through the diversified means of humanities and arts, children are led to explore the subtleties of daily life and discover the humanistic elements around them, so as to build up local self-confidence; and the principle of fostering children's independence runs through all the aesthetic practice programmes, through a certain degree of intervention, guiding rural teachers to give children more space for independent thinking and put it into practice.

The curriculum consists of two main themes: four seasons of art classes designed by long-term resident artists based on "locality" and short-term master workshops. At the same time, the programme is accompanied by an inspiring and artistic art and culture summer camp, which leads children in the countryside to understand the world from different perspectives; and it also seeks to recruit artists and creators to create their own picture books for local children based on Xiwu County's local humanities resources and natural scenery.

In 2024, in the third year of the Dananpo Children's Aesthetic Education Programme, more autonomy will be given to the Dananpo Primary School to support the development of a more sustainable aesthetic practice through the spontaneous aesthetic practice of the school's teachers, and the Foundation will focus on supporting Yalan's resident aesthetic practice, the design and construction of children's aesthetic space, and art and culture summer camp activities.

China New Folk Art|naze naze
Organiser: BCAF, naze naze fabric studio
Donor: Shanghai SuRan Clothing Co.

As naze naze enters its eighth year, the number of Dulong carpets being woven is also gradually increasing. In order to further help the weavers, BCAF and naze naze studio believe that the construction of the local community can continue to be promoted - designing a space for the weavers to grow, and improving the working environment for the weavers in terms of putting threads together and weaving carpets. The design of a space for the weavers to grow will enhance the working environment of threading and rug weaving, and will gradually connect them to a wider public, bringing more perspectives and experiences to the weavers. In the meantime, we are slowly building relationships and co-operation with women weavers in the Dong village of Dali, the Naxi township of Oya, and the Wa village of Xinguang in Menglian.

In 2024, the "Weaver's Local Space", designed by architect Zhao Yang, will be officially inaugurated in Xiandiudang Village, Dulongjiang Township, and a variety of local cultural and artistic public welfare programmes will be carried out to enrich the daily cultural and artistic life of the weavers and the villagers.

Art Healing|Soul Gathering 2024-Community Art Healing Festival
Sponsor: BCAF
Annual Theme: The Power of Life

"Inside and outside the space, in the realm of the heart|BCAF Art Healing Public Service Series" is based on BCAF's aim of "sharing culture and art freely and equally with more people", and focuses on end-of-life care by taking art's ability to bring people beautiful and happy feelings as the entry point, Focusing on the direction of end-of-life care, youthful depression, urban anxiety, and artistic expression of special groups, we will continue to initiate and plan public art activities, forums, exhibitions, festivals, and community activities for the public. ...... will allow the public to join in the art without any burden, to share the art, to create beautiful works, to immerse their hearts and minds, and to learn about mental health knowledge, so that they can be healed. The forms of activities include, but are not limited to, art healing workshops, public space construction, community mutual aid activities, and public art exhibitions/film productions, etc. BCAF has planned the "Art and Growth" Concordia Hospital Children's Medical Environment Improvement Project, the "Art and Growth" Rural Children's Aesthetic Education Project, the "Be the Light of Your World" visually impaired public welfare exhibition, the "Inside and Outside the Space, the Realm of the Mind" Interdisciplinary Cooperation Forum, and other projects. Interdisciplinary Cooperation Forum" and other art healing series projects.

From 8 to 10 December 2023, the Mind Gathering 2023 - Community Art Healing Festival opened its doors to urban youths, students, and neighbourhood residents in Beijing's Dongsi neighbourhood for three days, with the annual theme of "Self-Acceptance". 700 participants joined in this self-healing event.

Continuing the model of the 2023 Community Art Healing Festival, "Mind Gathering 2024 - Community Art Healing Festival" will continue to explore the role of art in life with people living in the neighbourhood in cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area), communities (residential areas, commercial districts, enterprises), and venues (parks, small shops, public spaces), We will continue to explore the role of art in life with people living in the neighbourhood, bring comfort to people's souls, and explore the power of life. Through the integration of community activities, research and development of new forms of healing, training of young talents, and international discussions and co-operation, the "Gathering of Minds" public service IP will continue to reach out to more communities and care for more people.

Cultural Creativity

Cultural Creativity|Eco Art Park

The holistic and integrated development of children's personality and creativity is a strategic proposition for the future of the nation and the life of every family. Nature and the arts are effective ways to inspire and develop children's creativity, expression, imagination, communication and other comprehensive abilities.

In the post-pandemic era, children's families are especially in need of child-friendly playgrounds that are back to nature, local and entertaining. We believe that future-oriented sculptures and playgrounds that incorporate sustainable materials and a sense of art are the starting point for achieving this goal.

Planned and directed by BCAF and co-produced by Beijing Qiyi Future International Culture Co. Ltd, Art from Innocence ®️ Children 🧒 Nature ♻️ Art 🎨 Paradise, as a new creativity-driven STEAM IP, aims to develop high-quality social design projects to better reach and serve the public, and to accompany the healthy growth of Chinese The park aims to develop high-quality social design projects to better reach and serve the public, and accompany the healthy growth of children in China. The core focus is on sustainable sculptural installations and rides that are full of design and can be climbed and played on by children, complemented by a wealth of on-site activities at the Children's Development Centre.

By 2024, prototypes of the Children's Nature Art Park will be in place.

Cultural Creativity | New Live Performance Series

Beginning in Spring 2024, BCAF will launch the "New Live" series, which will present a series of performing arts projects, including music, dance, and theatre, in conjunction with cultural institutions across China, to support independent artists in special venues that highlight independent youth culture, and we will also invite overseas artists to perform and reside in China.

▲INNOUT X Aaron Parks at Carnegie Hall
BCAF Chinese American Youth Music Festival

In the spring of 2024, Aaron Parks will lead his quartet on its first music tour in China.BCAF hopes to continue to support international collaborations between Aaron Parks and INNOUT by working with more artistic public spaces that highlight independent youth culture.

Over the summer, we will be inviting two young foreign performing artists to join Chinese artists for a residency in the Chinese countryside. At the end of the residency, they will present their work in Beijing and Shanghai.

We hope to bring the infinite creativity and improvisation of our artists to Chinese audiences and to promote a deeper cultural exchange.

Cultural Creativity | Arts Residency Programme
Discussion topic: "How does art happen in China?"

BCAF supports residencies and cross-border co-operation of artistic talents. We believe that excellent residency programs are essential for artists to actively develop their own creativity, imagination, thinking, and research, and are also an excellent way for us to experience contemporary inter-community thinking, local communities, public dialogue, and mutual trust in the community.

In 2018, BCAF and the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) established the BCAF-ACC International Residency Scholarship, which supports more than 10 Chinese and American artists in China and the United States each year, and organises related international forums and publishes the White Book of International Art Residencies.

The BCAF Art Residency programme covers areas including but not limited to: visual arts, literature, architecture, film, music, theatre, dance, and design. We look forward to working with cultural institutions across the country to plan residencies that respond to the dramatic changes of the times and help inspire more vibrant local cultural practices, with a particular focus on topics such as sustainable design, cultural public service ventures, rural children's aesthetic education, dialogue of ideas, minority crafts, and women's equal development.

In 2024, BCAF Art Residency will recruit domestic and international masters + local young artists + urban and rural communities to conduct on-site cultural research in the project sites: interviews and dialogues, co-creation of artworks, and travel documentaries. Focusing on the core topic: "How does art happen in China?"

The project will explore the local characteristics of culture and art, find fantastic art travel destinations, promote the birth of Chinese contemporary art cultural tourism projects, and make China travel different.

Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration|Ryuichi Sakamoto Opera Time

New Theatre's production Time, a collaboration between Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani, combines sound, music, performance, installation and visual art to present a unique experience.

Building on artists Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani's longstanding collaboration since Sakamoto's 1999 opera Life, the two artists will create a new type of integrated artistic expression that pushes the boundaries of the traditional operatic framework.

The concept of this work includes the combination of traditional Japanese and Western music, performance and installation, art and science, and philosophy, to create an integrated work of art that makes use of a variety of elements, making full use of music and moving images to expand horizons and expressions. The theme of the work is "time".

Global Collaboration|China-France Youth Music Festival
Organisers: BCAF, WhyArt, GROUPAL

In May 2024, when China and France will celebrate the Year of Cultural Tourism, BCAF will organise the "Year of Cultural Tourism" festival, inviting four groups of Chinese indie musicians to Paris. Through music, we express, release and dialogue, and achieve a connection that transcends borders and realities.

Global Collaboration|China-U.S. Youth Music Festival @ 2024 New York Showcase

The China-US Youth Music Festival aims to present Chinese independent contemporary musicians on an international stage.

In February, BCAF and the Perelman Performing Arts Center, an up-and-coming cultural institution in New York, will collaborate on a Chinese New Year performance series featuring four talented new generation musicians in live crossover music performances.

In June, we will host the summer edition of the US-China Youth Music Festival in New York's landmark Central Park.

Global Collaboration|Wen Hui X Eiko Otake Female Artist Collaboration
Co-sponsored by: BCAF, Duke University, Harvard University, New York University, Asian Cultural Council

In 2019, BCAF joined forces with the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) to establish the BCAF/ACC International Arts Residency Fellowship, and in January 2020, Japanese-American performance artist Nagako Ontake travelled to Beijing to meet with Chinese choreographer and video producer Wen Hui, to collaborate on a new body of work.

Even though the project was interrupted by the three-year epidemic, Nagako and Wen Hui continued to dialogue and record online, creating a 66-minute documentary in 2022, No Rule Is Our Rule. The film won the Best Feature Documentary Award at the 2023 Japan International Film Festival.

In the spring of 2024, Nagako and Fumihoshi's creations will be involved in public education activities at New York University, Duke University, and Harvard University, which will include film screenings, workshops, and short-term art residencies. In addition, collaborative performances by both artists are planned: the American Dance Festival in 2024, a performance at Colorado College in autumn/winter 2024, and invited performances at the Walker Art Center in 2024-2025.

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