Exhibition Preview | You See We Feel

-Being the Light of Your World:
Exhibition on Visual Impairment and Public Welfare

Exhibition Dates:
March 11, 2023 to March 26, 2023
Closed on Mondays

Danish Cultural Center, North 706, 798 Art Zone, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Ticket Information:
This is a public welfare exhibition, admission is free.

*To ensure a better experience, there will be a limit on the number of visitors on weekends. Please follow the exhibition's social media account for registration information and reserve your spot in advance.

You See We Feel

It's rare to encounter the visually impaired in public spaces, but they are among us, living their own lives.

Visual impairment is a significant public health and socio-economic issue, and it can seriously affect people's quality of life, employment opportunities, and education. Globally, around 2.2 billion people are affected by visual impairment or blindness, with 8.69 million people in China alone suffering from blindness and 4.67 million having severe visual impairment. Visual impairment ranks second in the number of people affected by disabilities, second only to hearing loss. There is no doubt that visual impairment is a real problem in our world.

If you cannot observe with your eyes, why not use other senses to understand the world? The invention of Braille allows us to have a shared understanding of literature and written information. Similarly, accessible design helps visually impaired individuals shape their future and plays a vital role in promoting inclusive communities. This exhibition is based on the "Being the Light of Your World" project initiated by Alibaba Health Design, which has developed the first Chinese Braille phonetic library to build a bridge for the visually impaired community to communicate with the world. Most importantly, this exhibition aims to showcase the lives of visually impaired individuals through art, calling for public attention to public welfare and accessible design and how they can promote a more inclusive world.

The exhibition is organized by the Alibaba Health Design team, with Alibaba Public Welfare as the host, and co-hosted by Alibaba Health, the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation, and the Danish Cultural Center.

Title: "Their World | Exhibition Works Introduction"

Exhibition Piece: "Life Diary"

▲ Installation / Mixed Materials Creator: Zhang Han, Yan Bo, Li Chao

1001 pieces of daily objects inscribed with Braille that tell the story of life.


▲ Wall Installation / Mixed Materials Created by Zhang Han

When the secret words of daily communication that are not so special are "concretized" and multiplied by 365, the love will be hidden in every dot crossed by the fingertips,

and the stories of the two people will be told slowly. In all the beautiful existence in the world, maybe there should be a piece of paper short love in Braille.


▲ Video images Created by Ryuichi Sakamoto

This song comes from BTTB, The healing album of individual pian solo issued by Ryuichi Sakamoto in 1999. BTTB refers To Back To The Basic (returning To its original nature), which is one of its repre sentative works. In February 2020, Ryuichi Sakamoto also presen ted this song to Chinese families in the epidemic, sharing the power of artistic comfort and healing.

"7 Nights"

▲ Installation / Mixed Materials Creator: Yan Bo, Wang Da Ke, Li Chao

Except for visually impaired people who are born blind, all people ha ve images, pictures and sounds in their dreams, and they are also reall y illusory. Alibaba Health Design invited 7 visually impaired people f rom the accessibility information association to describe their dreams,

and then created digital art through AI technology, presenting 7 Real and different dream images.

"I Wish"

▲ Mixed media images Created by: Li Chao

Massage bed is a true reflection of the profession of visually impaired people, an d it is also a professional prejudice. Creation attempts to express the possibility o f various occupations through creative Chinese Braille translation means, that is, everyone should be able to make his or her own decision in the process of career choice.

"Blind Choice"

▲ Documentary Film Creator: Wan Qing

The film focused on the employment limitations of visually impaired people, and involved issues such as t ravel inconvenience, employment discrimination, educational segregation, policy restriction, and gender in justice. It was filmed and produced in 2015 as a graduation project of Wan Qing at Sun Yat-sen University, with the financial support of the NGO "ACTogether". This exhibition will present a versio n with audio description Wan Qing made this year.

"Alibaba Health Design"

▲Video images Created by Alibaba Health Design

By interviewing the creation process and stories behind Alibaba Health font, we introduced the social welfare value of the project's creativity, that is, to provide barrier free tools with low thresholds, let people participate in the original intention and conception of public welfare more easily.

"The Braille Experience"

▲ Installation / Mixed media / Interactive

Step 1. Take a blank card of "your favorite text" and place it face down on the Braille writing board.
Step 2. Place the text face down on the Braille writing board, aligning the bottom with the edge of the paper.
Step 3. Using a braille pen, press the braille template against the corresponding text.

If you are interested in Braille writing during the exhibition, you can get a blank bookmark card for free in this area. To facilitate the operation, we have created four sets of text in advance with Alibaba health font. You can follow these steps. When you successfully complete the experience, it can be used as a special commemoration for a long time, letting the light shine on every moment of your life.

Exhibition Event|Weekend Special Project

"All That Remains to be Seen"

Director: Julie Bezerra Madsen
Genre: Documentary
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish with Chinese subtitles
Time: 2022
Set: 71 minutes
Screening time: 2023.3.11 14:00

When Silas was 6 years old, he was diagnosed with an inherited eye disease. How do you get a child to accept the abstract fact that his world is turning black? This film follows a blind mother as she struggles to guide her son through the impending possibility of blindness and the fears he should overcome in the midst of life.

"The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic"

Director: Teemu Nikki
Genre: Feature film
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish with Chinese subtitles
Time: 2021
Running time: 82 minutes
Screening time: 2023.3.11 15:30

The film tells the story of a blind man in a wheelchair who is a movie buff and has a rich collection of DVDs at home. At the same time, he has always loved a girl, but they never meet, only communicate by phone. One day, he learns that the girl is seriously ill and fears that he will not see her one last time, so he embarks on an unexpected and elaborate journey.

Youku Accessible Theatre

Listen to a movie in a different way.

Screening time: 2023.3.18/19 14:00 Total 2 shows

"Love in the image, unimpeded information." Ali Cultural Entertainment, driven by technology and social responsibility, takes film and television content as a breakthrough point, and fully connects Ali Cultural Entertainment and film resources through interactive video and voice technology. By gathering the power of technology, they aim to create an online and offline platform for 17 million visually impaired people in the country to watch movies for free continuously. This event allows participants to experience the movie-watching experience of visually impaired individuals in person.

Public Donation

With a small change,
Make it more convenient to find medicine and use drugs.

To this end, the organizer specially designed a medicine box that can be self-labeled Braille, and will donate it to China Blind Association after the exhibition.

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