"Gathering" Opening Review | Art for Social Welfare

This winter will be filled with warmth and energy because we have gathered.

On the 8th of December, we, the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF), held our first "Gathering 2023 – A Community-based Art+Wellness Weekend" in Nanyang Sharing Interchange, and finally opened the meeting with all of you.

As an immersive crossover show, we have turned the entire theatre into an open space. Everyone was free to explore the space, guided by thin tubes of light, and ultimately enter the 'corner of solitude' made of warm cashmere and colourful light.

It was great to see: people listening attentively to the sounds made by plants, high-fiving each other with free-stretching dancers, leaving their hopes for the New Year in drift bottles, trying out their own art on cardboard, and entering into a calm meditative state guided by a healer ...... There's also a taster of Sound Blanc·White's latest album, Camping and Home.

There were also many touching moments: people who were strangers smiled at each other, hugged each other, said "hello" and "you've done a great job".

We would like to thank guest artist Sound Blanc·White (musician: Demone), music therapist Liu Xiaotian, Last Dance founder Pan Xiaonan and young director Hong Tianyi for their choreography. We are also grateful to the creators of the healing arts: Linqi He, Rachel Zheng, Yixue Shao, Circles and her "water friends" for their unique ways of creating an unforgettable experience at the opening ceremony.

Thanks to the work team on site, who made possible a diverse and experimental art+wellness experience that belongs to everyone.

And thankful for each and every one of you who were there and not there.

Let's follow the video recordings and relive the opening show. Feel those moments that make heart and mind collide with energy.

Photography: Xu Shengzhe
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