"Gathering" Workshops Review | Art for Social Welfare

On 9-10 December, we at the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) invited the audience to chat about wellness, art, creativity and self-talk with guides to art healing events and guest artists from different creative fields.

In the Gathering 2023 workshop series, there is a mindful journey to explore the city, history and culture in winter. They awaken the energy in our bodies and allow us to reap the benefits of inner peace and tranquility.

(P1-3) Hutong-Walk: Art Awakening

(P4-5) "Seven Darkroom Kids" Galli Theatre Healing Workshop

(P6-7) "Drifting Ball" (Gathering 2023 Edition)

(P8-9) "Gathering" Talk: "You've done a good job, accept your emotions for a change".

(P10-11) "Soft and Deep" New Year's Eve Wrap-up Workshop

(P12-13) Old Beijing Sound Work - Walking Meditation Sound Healing Journey

(P14-15) Single Meditation Space

(P16-17) Water Friends Dance Painting

(P18) Bridging Hope Dance Healing Workshop

(P19) "A Walk in the Hutong" Creative Writing Workshop

(P20) Neighbourhood Resupply Site

The workshop has come to an end. You are still welcome to write down your wishes at the "Neighbourhood Resupply Site" set up by Jetlag Books, self coffee and possibly books in Dongsi District, and you will have a chance to win a limited-edition lamb's wool notepad provided by ERDOS. Come and listen to the healing song list by musician Wu Zhuo Ling and INNOUT Xiao Jun & An Yu, and continue to heal yourself!

Thank you for coming together and healing each other.

Photography: Gao Meilin
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