Naze Naze Project

by Dulong People
Launched with Sage Collective in NY

Since November 2021, Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation's collaborative project with ZUCZUG——the Naze Naze Project, has launched with Sage Collective in New York and is available for purchase on their website. From Yunnan to New York, Sage Collective is excited to join this initiative and bring the Naze Naze Project to the global stage. These Dulong "rainbows" handwoven by Dulong sisters are in the spotlight through effective planning, broad social resources, efforts of designers, and our generous donors.

Sage Collective is a community that explores the intersection of design, wellness, and progressive social change. They bring together artisanal home goods, tea, tools, and editorials, providing multifaceted experiences that cultivate Daoist's everyday mind of living with ease. Sage's mission is to bring beauty and ease to the community while also starting a movement to cultivate and amplify Eastern wisdom. They believe that rebuilding an understanding of Eastern wisdom and putting it front and center on the global map can be a powerful force toward social, cultural, and ecological transformation in the modern world.

Feng Ye on local magazine
"Sage aims to support products that lead with purpose and are community-driven. I admire Naze Naze Projects' commitment, which resonates a lot with our core values. The Naze Naze Project reinvents Dulong people's traditional folk textile with contemporary aesthetics and versatile functionality for modern needs. These handwoven textiles also translate Dulong people's incredible culture and humble & optimistic characters in a unique way," said Feng Ye, Founder of Sage Collective.

The products are very popular among the local customers. According to Feng, the customers love the product itself and support social welfare and sustainable development. Customers are keen to learn about each product's artistry and maker stories. Naze Naze draws nourishment from the rich Dulong culture and combines ancient skills with contemporary design. “This initiative gives us hope to enhance the value of local women's work through modern measures for production, management, and promotion to encourage and incentivize more Dulong women and young people to participate in the project. We aim to build the local economy and make the Dulong people better known and appreciated more than ever before.”

Proceeds from this project will be given back to the Dulong region to allow the community, especially its female members, to maintain solid sustainable development. More job opportunities are available to local women and workers can upgrade their stock of yarn and turn waste into treasure. With this in mind, customers are more appreciative of the overall value of the products.

"The pandemic and anti-Asian sentiment made 2021 a difficult year to endure. When people take away the racial prejudice and realize we are all longing for a better life and a positive future, everything becomes easier. Sage Collective looks to celebrate the beauty and knowledge that uplifts us all. It's my greatest joy to share some warmth and connection through our incredibly colorful and optimistic Naze Naze woven products." Feng said.

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People outside of China who like the Dulong weaver's handmade products can order them through Sage Collective's website:

You can also follow @sagecollective on Instagram for more information.

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