New York Design Week's "Chinese Traditional Crafts Renewed Together" Exhibition
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In May 2024, during the NYC X Design Festival, Desz Office (Beijing/New York) and  Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF), in collaboration with NYC X Design Festival and ICFF, will organize an exhibition and communication event, "Renewal of Traditional Crafts Together in New York", at the Javits Center, in Manhattan, New York.

"The exhibition aims to promote Chinese traditional handicraft brands, cultural artisans, independent artists and designers to the global public and the industry, to enhance international industry awareness and brand influence, to promote contemporary cultural exchanges, international fairs and copyright trade circulation cooperation, and to realize sustainable support for the traditional crafts community.


About New York Design Week (NYC X Design Festival)

Started in 2013, NYC X Design Festival has become the most influential design week in the world. 2024 NYC X Design Festival's theme is "Design is all around us", connecting design & art creators from around the world.

Organizers include the New York Mayor's Office, City Hall, and the New York City Economic Development Partnership Center (NRCEDC). Covering the fields of architecture, home, graphic, product, and urban design, the week helps promote the development of design, art and commercial brands, and provides high-density exhibition and market development opportunities for global creators and commercial brands.

Last year, NYCxDesign was covered by more than 100 influential media outlets around the world, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Times, AD, ELLE, Interior Design, Dezeen, Designboom, Core77, Wallpaper, Furniture Today, etc. Design Week linked the five New York State regional venues and conducted more than 500 influential shows, with more than 1,000 home furnishings brands participating globally, and more than 1.6 million people following Design Week, 40% of whom were from around the world.

This event is located in the ICFF Javits Center. ICFF (full name of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair) has been the core focus of the New York Design Week exhibition area, 2023, there are more than 30 countries and 400 international home furnishings brands participating in the event, the first day of the opening of the more than 10,000 professionals flocked to the Javits Center to see the exhibition. More than 30 professional forums & presentations were held during the 3 days of the show.

May 2024 New York Design Week (NYC X Design Festival) is looking forward to meeting with traditional Chinese skills, and the essence of traditional culture and skills hope to be displayed in New York Design Week, the world's most influential design and art event. The collision and fusion of history, modernity, tradition and new trend across time and space will surely spark off new cultural and artistic exchanges, and generate new momentum for the globalization and internationalization of Chinese traditional skills.


Recruitment for "Renewal of Traditional Arts and Crafts Together in New York"

Recruitment target:
Chinese traditional arts and crafts brands, independent artists and designers, traditional crafts groups, outstanding young Chinese artists & designers overseas, etc. To showcase the beauty of Chinese traditional arts and crafts to the world.

Recruitment works:
Works with Chinese traditional skills, works with Chinese culture or traditional elements, works with Chinese internalization, etc. Small pieces of furniture, home accessories, lifestyle products, tableware and drinkware, fabrics, art objects, ceramics and lacquer ware, glass and wood works, metal jewelry, new materials, sustainable design works, etc.

Recruitment time:
February 2, 2024 - February 29, 2024

Invitation Crowd:
Chinese traditional craft brands, independent artists and designers, traditional craft groups, etc. To showcase the beauty of China's craftsmanship to the world. Also invite outstanding young Chinese artists & designers overseas, who interpret Chinese traditional culture through their international vision and style works.

Activity section:
It covers a variety of sections such as exhibition, forum, cultural exchange, skill demonstration and business cooperation.

Extra benefits in addition to exhibition, publicity, promotion and exposure:

1. You can apply for ICFF Talk, which gives you the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges and speeches with more international industry insiders and media people, as well as obtaining opportunities for publicity and business cooperation.

2. ICFF has outstanding business advantages. ICFF has a large amount of adult traffic, and the crowd is precisely focused on many buyers, distributors and brand factories in North America, thus obtaining a large number of To B cooperation opportunities. ICFF will help brands or independent exhibitors to reach cooperation.

3. Exhibitors will receive one free (half hour worth $500) overseas business professional consultation. The consulting team comes from experts with years of experience in branding and overseas sales channels, and has achieved successful cases.

4. Selected cooperative works have the opportunity to join the exhibition in the North American lifestyle collection platform program, to open the North American online and offline channel sales.

5. Free to cooperate with the international first-class designer resource bank Jianlian to facilitate cooperation for the internationalization of their own brand product research and development (specific designer cooperation costs to be negotiated separately.)

6. Provide photo materials of the exhibits at the event for the brand's product promotion.

7.The right to use the official logo of NYCxDesign 2024.

Recruitment inquiries:
Details such as the form of presentation, size, number of pieces can be consulted in detail.
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